Ivo Chlupáè

(6.12.1931 - 7.11.2002)

Petr KRAFT, Jaroslav KRAFT and Václav PETR

Ordovician News Nr. 20, 2003


Ivo Chlupáè, famous Czech geologist, stratigrapher and palaeontologist, died on November 7th 2002 in Praha. He had been educated at the Geological-Geographical Faculty, Charles University, Praha. Although his lifelong professional career is related to the Czech Geological Survey, Praha, after the political changes in 1989, he habilitated to Professor and became Director of the Institute of Geology and Palaeontology at Charles University in Praha. His name is associated especially with studies of various aspects of Devonian strata and fossils (esp. trilobites, phyllocarids and goniatites), and, particularly, with the International Stratotype of the Silurian-Devonian Boundary. However, he published also several very important papers on metamorphosed sedimentary formations and on the Ordovician of the Barrandian area (studies on non-trilobite arthropods – crustaceans, chelicerates, and problematic taxa).
Ivo Chlupáè was one of leading experts of the Czech geology, very widely experienced, extremely liking field work. His knowledge, exactitude, interest and enthusiasm predestined him to work on many topics in the Palaeozoic, from the Cambrian up to the Carboniferous. With his personal modesty and kindness Professor Ivo Chlupáè has influenced at least two generations of Czech geologists, and with his numerous articles and books he will certainly influence many future generations. He gave courses on historical geology at Charles University and in this activity he continued as Emeritus Professor up to October 2002 when the illness took hold on him. Ivo Chlupáè worked for international stratigraphical commissions, the most important membership (since 1974) was in the International Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy. He is also the author of several well-known popular guidebooks to the Barrandian area.

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