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Scyphocrinites elegans JPG 14.5 kB
Carolicrinus barrandei JPG 124 kB
Syndetocrinus dartae JPG 240 kB
Carpocrinus ornatus JPG 46.5 kB
Lecanocrinus hanusi JPG 10.6 kB

comatulid crinoid on a bottle JPG 201 kB


Bohemura jahni 
JPG (lectotype drawing) 311 kB
JPG (lectotype photo) 742 kB
JPG (holding conulariid) 730 kB
JPG (holding Sphenothallus)613 kB
Bohemura jahni
(macrophagy in Lower Palaeozoic ophiuroid) 
JPG (drawing) 360 kB
JPG (photo) 663 kB
JPG (detail from the same photo) 696 kB
Taeniaster bohemicus JPG 486 kB
Klarasterina klara JPG 892 kB
Klasmura macropleura JPG 139 kB
Cheiropterasteridae gen. indet. JPG 22.6 kB


Mitrocystites mitra JPG 17.9 kB

Microfossil remains of echinoderms

Washing from the Lower Devonian Limestone JPG 17.9 kB

Echinoderms in washings from the "lobolith hillside" near Praha-Reporyje (uppermost Silurian)

Echinoderm classes in Lower and Middle Devonian of the Barrandian area

Table of Particular Echinoderm classes in the Lower and Middle Devonian of the Barrandian area
JPG 17.9 kB

Koneprusy-Reef Community (Pragian, Lower Devonian, Barrandian area)
a schematic reconstruction

drawn by V. Petr

Mass Mortality of the float-bearing crinoid Marhoumacrinus legrandi

a reconstruction by V. Petr

An Addition: How Woods Were Lost During the Permian

a reconstruction by V. Petr

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