65th Birthday of Dr. Rudolf J. Prokop


Published in Casopis Narodniho muzea, Rada prirodovedna, 168 (1-4): 5-6. Praha 1999.

Through his numerous papers, articles, some books and lectures, a prolific palaeontologist Rudolf J. Prokop (Department of Palaeontology, National Museum, Praha) has become known in our country and abroad as one of the best European echinoderm specialists of our time. His special interest over the years has been the echinoderm fauna of the Bohemian Lower Palaeozoic. A brief biography and bibliography of him is to be found in two articles by V. Petr in the 1994 issue of this journal and in the 1994 issue of Cesky kras. Herein, a list of fossil invertebrates bearing the name of Rudolf Prokop is presented for the first time and updated addition to his bibliography is also included.

Fossil invertebrates bearing the name of Rudolf J. Prokop:

Palaeosphaeronites ? prokopi n. sp. (Chauvel 1966)
(Cystoidea, Diploporita, Tremadoc, Morocco)

Prionopeltis prokopi n. sp. (Snajdr 1976)
(Trilobita, Pridoli Formation, Barrandian, Bohemia)

Prokopicrinidae n. fam. (Frest & Strimple 1977)
(Crinoidea, Wenlock-Ludlow, U.S.A.)

Prokopicrinus n. gen. (Frest & Strimple 1977)

Prokopicrinus barricki n. sp. (Frest & Strimple 1977)
(dtto, Wenclock, Waldron Shale)

Prokopicrinus laevis n. sp. (Frest & Strimple 1977)
(dtto, Ludlow, Henryhouse Formation)

Prokopicrinus tuberculatus n. sp. (type species) (Frest & Strimple 1977)

Peleicostella prokopi n. sp. (Havlicek 1977)
(Brachiopoda, Orthida, Zlichovian, Chapel Coral Horizon, Bohemia)

Palaeosphaeronites (?) cf. prokopi CHAUVEL, 1966 (Chauvel 1988)
(Cystoidea, Diploporita, Tremadoc, Morocco)

Onymagnostus prokopi n. sp. (Fatka, Kordule & Snajdr 1981)
(Trilobita, Jince Formation, Eccaparadoxides pusillus Zone, Bohemia)

Ramacrinus prokopi n. sp. (Webster & Gupta 1985)
(Crinoidea, Lower Devonian, Tanze Formation, India)

Bojophlebia n. gen. (Kukalova-Peck 1985)
(Insecta, Ephemerida, Westphalian C, Vrapice near Kladno and the quarry Na Stilci near Tlustice, Bohemia)

Bojophlebia prokopi n. gen., n. sp. (Kukalova-Peck 1985)

Eutaxocrinus ? prokopi n. sp. (Slamova 1987)
(Crinoidea, Zlichovian, Chapel Coral Horizon, Bohemia)

Prokopicystis n. gen. (Cripps 1989)
(Calcichordata, Cornuta, Llandeilo, Barrandian, Bohemia)

Prokopicystis mergli n. gen. n. sp. (type species) (Cripps 1989)

Prokopelia n. gen. (Horny 1992)
(Gastropoda, Eotomariidae, Koneprusy Limestone, Bohemia)

Prokopelia occludens (PERNER, 1907) (Horny 1992)

Dictyonema prokopi n. sp. (Kraft, J., Kraft, P. & Seidl 1993)
(Graptolithina, Dendroidea, Llanvirn, Barrandian, Bohemia)

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Vaclav Petr

Zoological Library, Faculty of Science, Charles University,
Vinicna 7, 128 44 Praha 2

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