A mini-gallery of selected top twenty four fiction writers
who dealt in their work with

Time Paradoxes, Time-Travel and Parallel Worlds

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"... two equations (that) Schrodinger discovered in 1926... (according to Dirac)... explained all of chemistry and most of physics ...
....in every instant we experience creation directly. Creation did not happen in a Big Bang. Creation is here and now, and we can understand the rules that govern it. Schrodinger thought he had found the secret of the quantum prescriptions. Properly understood, what he found were the rules of creation.
... In quantum mechanics, this (the wave function) is all that does change. Forget any idea about the particles themselves moving. The space Q of possible configurations, or structures, is given once and for all: it is a timeless configuration space. The instantaneous position of the system is one point of its Q. Evolution in classical Newtonian mechanics is like a bright spot moving, as time passes, over the landscape of Q. I have argued that this is wrong way to think about time. There is neither a passing time nor a moving spot, just a timeless path through the landscape, the track taken by the moving spot in the fiction in which there is time."
(Julian Barbour: The End of Time, 2000, p. 229)

H. G. Wells
(1866 - 1946)
Karel Capek
(1890 - 1938)
Murray Leinster
Jorge Luis Borges
(1899 - 1986)
John Wyndham
(1903 - 1965)
Ward Moore
Clifford D. Simak
(1904 - 1988)
Robert Heinlein
Jack Williamson
(1908- )
Fritz Leiber
Fred Hoyle
Arthur C. Clarke
Frank Herbert
Isaac Asimov
Ray Bradbury
(1920- )
Philip K. Dick
Robert Anton Wilson
James P. Hogan
Gregory Benford
(1941- )
Ian Watson
(1943- )
Christopher Priest
(1943- )
Robert Holdstock
(1948- )
Robert Charles Wilson
(1953- )
Stephen Baxter
(1957- )


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